Today in our towns and surrounding villages, many people are struggling with a serious dependency on drink, drugs, or some medication to help stress. For some, this has led to serious health problems, a loss of freedom and an inability to work and contribute to family life and society. It’s hard for the people to feel valued or valuable in these circumstances. It is because there is such an urgent need of sensitive, holistic and effective help that the S.T.E.P. project was set up; to offer vulnerable women a route out of exploitation, away from addiction, poverty and serious abuse, which can lead to permanent injury and sometimes murder.

S.T.E.P. was founded by a group of women who had not only experienced the devastating affect that drugs were having on them and their local community they decided to do something about it.

The women who are supported are developing lasting skills that will sustain them through the process of the changes they desire to make; they have HOPE for a better life for themselves and their families. Already we are seeing the women in volunteering roles with outside agencies, paid work, better management of budgeting and their tenancies safeguarded because they are making positive choices about their future.

At present we have one paid member of staff with a wealth of committed volunteers, the project is growing and I can see me passing the baton on in the next year or so. Charitable Status is being applied for; we are actively looking for the right accommodation where we can also start a Social Enterprise project which will help us sustain core costs for the work to carry on. There is so much more, but perhaps this will be another book, with the women’s own stories – title – ‘Her past is not her future.’

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Exiting prostitution can be extremely difficult for the women and when they make the decision to change it has to be done in stages, and at each stage support it vital to their success.

During my years of working with the women, many have said that they would not be where they are ‘street workers’ if anyone had ever tried to help them get out. 90% have said they do not like what they do, but to a lot of people it is a sound profession. The Home Office Strategy on Prostitution recognises that there needs to be effective ‘Routes Out,’ our team at S.T.E.P. are committed to responding to the needs they meet on a daily basis and we are so thankful for the financial support from trusts and those who donate their time and finance to help us achieve ‘best practise.’

Our Christian values determine that we treat others with respect, dignity and compassion. We value every person as an individual and the basic value of everyone with whom we have contact is upheld.

In the light of the recent murders in Bradford and the continued vulnerability of many of our young people, it is our hope that we will slow down the ‘revolving door’ and offer prevention programmes and an exit strategy that will be long lasting for those who are wanting this.

Will you consider supporting the work of S.T.E.P. by giving a donation or committing to give £10. a month, which will enable us to continue our work and plan securely for the future? Resources for projects like this are always stretched, and there are so many young women who need our help urgently – or please send a gift of whatever you can afford today. It could turn someone’s life around.

For more details please contact us at stepoffice1@yahoo.co.uk
or view our web pages at www.stepnorwich.org.uk/

With the warmest of regards

Theresa Cumbers – Director of Programmes
Director of Programmes

‘Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.’

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