Theresa shows us a world of darkness, misery and despair, but interlocked throughout these pages is a love that fears no obstacles – a love that transcends all the desperation, filth and degradation that accompany a life of prostitution. Theresa shows us that we all have a role in these desperate people’s lives, and that role is, quite simply, to love each other as Jesus loved us. Even without the Christian ethos, I believe we all have a responsibility to help one another and support and care for each other.

You do not have to be a Christian to learn something from this book – its issues are extremely relevant to all of us. We can no longer ignore these issues: children, women and men are literally dying out there on our streets because they think nobody cares. If they are not murdered by their abusers, pimps or punters, they will likely be killed by (often enforced) drug or alcohol addictions. Even if they survive, their lives are dogged by mental health problems, abusive relationships and feelings of hopelessness and despair. We have to show them another way, show them that they do have a choice, show them that it is never too late, and they and we must never give up.

Maria Landon author of Daddy’s Little Earner and Escaping Daddy



Low Cost, High Price by Theresa Cumbers - book cover