In 2008 S.T.E.P. (Standing Together Encouraging People) was formed, and the Lord was clear that I should guide this small group of women who had been affected by exploitative relationships and had moved forward because they knew the devastation that drugs and addiction were having in their local community and were impassioned to do something about it.

Please see the Step Project page for more information.


I have a dream of a dream house, where women exiting vulnerable lifestyles, prisons, rehabs, after detoxing can live in the security of a real Christian home.

Where they can reach their personal aspirations, where self-esteem and worth will grow naturally.

For these women there is so often no place to go and no one to turn to….

Underlying all this would be the security of loving Christian staff who could help with the problems they face and assist in planning their future. Without moralising or condemning, the staff would enable the love of God to be felt in the house.

I do realise to have a dream is one thing, but to establish its reality is another.

Theresa Cumbers


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